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From "Gingko" <>
Subject Moving repository across servers : storage format problem
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 17:24:48 GMT

I am trying to move a Subversion repository from one server (running Windows 
XP Professional SP3) to another (running Linux Debian 5 Lenny)

The first server (on Windows) actually has Subversion installed through a 
VisualSVN GUI interface.
The second server has Subversion version 1.5.1 installed from Debian packet 
(as it is the latest stable version provided by Debian).

I first tried to just copy the directory from the first computer to the 
second one, and check if it works.
But unfortunately, when trying to checkout the repository content, I got the 
following error message :

"Format de stockage attendu entre '1' et '3' ; format trouvé '4'"

(so in English, something like "Expected storage format between '1' and '3', 
found format '4'")

Seeing that, I completely deleted the repository that I just copied, and I 
tried again, creating a new empty repository and moving using "svnadmin 
dump" on the first computer, and "svnadmin load" on the second one.

But, more surprisingly, when trying to checkout, I still get this very same 
error message .... !!!???

So I ask the question :
How can I move repositories between computers running different OS, 
different versions of Subversion and different repository formats ?

Is there any mean to convert a repository from one format to another ?

And also :
What are the actual formats identified by the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 (and maybe 
5, 6, etc) ??

Best regards,


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