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From Edward Ned Harvey <>
Subject howto svnsync ... without waiting
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2010 00:37:25 GMT
On the master, I have the svnsync command in the post-commit hook.  I have
tried with, or without the "&" at the end of the line.  When a svn client
does a commit . the svn client doesn't return from the commit until the sync
has completed too.  I would like the "svn commit" to complete as soon as the
commit is completed, and let the server complete the svnsync in the
background, without the client waiting.


Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?  Here is my post-commit hook:



/usr/local/subversion-1.6.12/bin/svnsync sync --non-interactive
--sync-username someuser --sync-password somepass svn://slave/targetrepo &

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