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From Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard <>
Subject $Rev$ expanded differently in two up-to-date checkouts?!
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2010 14:09:12 GMT

Consider the following scenario: someone copies a directory, then commit. Inside
this directory, there are a few files with the $Rev$ keyword set to be expanded.
Another user  updates his working copy to the same revision. Both look at the
expansion of the $Rev$ keyword in the files: they are not the same.

I'm quite surprised, since I would have expected this to be independent of the
working copy used (as long as it's up-to-date, obviously).

Example (current working directory printed before shell prompt):

$ svnadmin create repo
$ svn co file://$PWD/repo active
Checked out revision 0.
$ svn co file://$PWD/repo passive
Checked out revision 0.
$ cd active
(active) $ svn mkdir dir
A         dir
(active) $ echo '$Rev$' > dir/file; svn add dir/file
A         dir/file
(active) $ svn propset svn:keywords Rev dir/file
property 'svn:keywords' set on 'dir/file'
(active) $ svn ci -mdummy
Adding         dir
Adding         dir/file
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 1.
(active) $ svn cp dir newdir
A         newdir
(active) $ svn ci -mdummy
Adding         newdir

Committed revision 2.
(active) $ head -v */file
==> dir/file <==
$Rev: 1 $

==> newdir/file <==
$Rev: 2 $
(active) $ cd ../passive
(passive) $ svn up
A    newdir
A    newdir/file
A    dir
A    dir/file
Updated to revision 2.
(passive) $ head -v */file
==> dir/file <==
$Rev: 1 $

==> newdir/file <==
$Rev: 1 $
(passive) $

Now, another funny point: in the "active" working copy, do "svn up -r1; svn up"
and then you've got the same keyword expansion as in the "passive" copy.

I'm a bit annoyed, because:
1. I don't understand why it works this way.
2. I have some scripts relying on the value of the expanded Rev keyword (or,
equivalently, the 3rd field in the output of svn status -v), and I'd like them
to give the same result in all up-to-date checkouts.

Can someone please enlighten me? Thanks in advance.


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