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From Dan Farrell <>
Subject SQLite version mismatch
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2009 16:17:17 GMT
Hi all, 

This one really has me stumped.  Running freebsd 7.2 here, and
we've compiled apache, php, subversion, and SQLite from source.  I've
been trying to use the webDAV svn server, but I keep getting in my

	(20014)Internal error: SQLite compiled for 3.6.18, but running
	with 3.3.7

I've tried recompiling everything I can think of against the new sql I
have installed, but nothing seems to help.  The only thing I can think
of is that maybe it is apr (which is the only thing I haven't yet

Can anyone tell me how to make this sqlite version mismatch go away?  

Thanks in advance,

Dan Farrell 

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