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From Johan Corveleyn <>
Subject Re: Python3 work [was: The run up to Subversion 1.13.0]
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2019 00:48:40 GMT
On Mon, Sep 2, 2019 at 11:45 AM Julian Foad <> wrote:
> > Troy Curtis Jr wrote:
> >> James McCoy wrote:
> >>> Finishing(?) and merging the Python3 support would be ideal.  That would
> >>> give one release for broader feedback before being in an LTS release.
> >>
> >> It needs to get reintegrated with trunk again with the latest changes, but the
linux side of the house was looking good. It was in trying to get my Windows Dev environment
back up and running again that got me frustrated and gave me an excuse to wander off doing
other things... IIRC, there is a build issue with the Py2 bindings in that branch on Windows,
but I never got far enough to check it out.
> >> If there was someone who could help out on the Windows side, I can jump in and
get the branch up to trunk and retested in order to get this thing over the finish line.
> Johan Corveleyn wrote:
> > I might be able to devote some time to this in the coming week(s), if
> > you can tell me what I need to do / test / validate / ... :-).
> Until Troy says something more specific, if you could switch to the
> branch, catch-up merge from trunk, and see how much works on Py3 and on
> Py2, that would be helpful.

I'm sorry I missed the 1.13.x-branch deadline, but I finally got
around to playing with the swig-py3 branch on Windows.
Downloaded the latest Python release: 3.7.4. And using swig 3.0.12.

Of course I didn't reread INSTALL, so I first ran into:

WARNING: "C:\research\svn\dev\swig-py3\py3c\include\py3c.h" not found
Use "--with-py3c" to configure py3c location.

No problem, after downloading py3c from Github, and adding
--with-py3c, I can start building it.

However, I ran into the following error:

c:\python37\include\pytime.h(123): error C4115: 'timeval': named type
definition in parentheses

(PS: before firing up the swig-py3 branch, I double-checked that I
could successfully build the swig-python bindings on trunk with Python
2.7.16 and swig 3.0.12, and ran the swig-python tests successfully)


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