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From Stefan Kueng <>
Subject Re: extending the blame callback
Date Sat, 05 Jan 2019 18:56:22 GMT

On 05.01.2019 17:53, Julian Foad wrote:
> Stefan Kueng wrote:
>> When running blame on an utf16 text file, the lines can not be used
>> since the blame callback only passes a 'char *' parameter which means it
>> ends at the first zero char. But actually, svn knows if the line has
>> more content.
> +1 on doing something to fix the problem.
> Just briefly:
> * we already have a (char*, len) wrapper, called svn_string_t, so I would expect it would
be neatest to use that;

Ok, I'll change that and send a new patch.

> * splitting the lines on a bare LF byte, and having a left-over zero byte, sounds just
so wrong... it can't be right, can it? Can't we do something better? Use a callback for deciding
how to split lines, or something? I haven't looked at the code, so not sure what exactly.

Well, without doing several checks for what kind of encoding the line 
has this won't be possible. I'm just glad that the function as is does 
not stop at the zero char but only on 'lf' - so even if the file is 
really binary it "works".


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