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From Dmitry Pavlenko <>
Subject is it a valid set_path report?
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2018 16:53:48 GMT
Hello Subversion community,
I have a question regarding set_path / update behaviour.

Suppose I want to use libsvn_ra library I report my ("virtual") working copy 

  set_path "" 6 infinity
  set_path "directory" 6 infinity
  set_path "directory/subdirectory" 5 infinity

and run svn_ra_do_update3() with revision=6 to get changes of
"directory/subdirectory" between r5 and r6.

My question is whether such a report is valid or not.

 I've found a citation from svn_ra.h
   * This will *override* any previous set_path() calls made on parent
   * paths.  @a path is relative to the URL specified in svn_ra_open4().
but from it cannot understand if I can override parent set_path with the same 
revision number and the same depth parameter.

When I tried to find out what SVN command line client does in a similar 
scenario, and it always does

  set_path "" 6 infinity
  set_path "directory/subdirectory" 5 infinity

e.g. it reports a working copy in a more clever way. But I still want to 
understand whether the first report is valid. Thanks!
Dmitry Pavlenko,
TMate Software

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