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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] A test for "Can't get entries" error
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2018 09:32:15 GMT
On 20.11.2018 09:38, Julian Foad wrote:
>> Dmitry Pavlenko wrote:
>>> Hello Subversion community!
> Hello Dmitry! Thanks for finding this. I confirm it.
>>> I've run into an error: when performing 2 specially constructed updates one after
>>> within the same session, SVN fails with 
>>>   $ ./ra-test 15
>>>   svn_tests: E160016: Can't get entries of non-directory
>>>   XFAIL: ra-test 15: check that there's no "Can't get entries" error
>>> error. I believe these updates constructed that way are valid, so the problem
>>> somewhere in FSFS code.
> I agree.
> Daniel Shahaf wrote:
>> Could you please clarify whether the bug reproduces under other backends 
>> (FSX and BDB)?
> I found that the test passes under FSX and BDB; it only fails under FSFS.
> I found that the RA method (local, svn, serf) makes no difference.
>> You make all commits using the same EDITOR.  Is that allowed?
> I found that it doesn't affect the outcome, in this case.
> (Generally, as Brane said, it's undocumented and not a good idea. The attached version
of the patch, 'cant_get_entries_test-j1.patch', uses a separate editor for each edit.)

So ... definitely a FSFS bug then. Good catch. Julian, I'd say just
commit this test? But the XFAIL needs a predicate if it passes with FSX
and BDB.

-- Brane

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