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From Daniel Shahaf <>
Subject Re: truncated author names in 'svn ls -v' output
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2018 03:25:03 GMT
Branko ─îibej wrote on Sun, 25 Nov 2018 18:51 +0100:
> It's just a damn shame that the '-h' flag is already taken, otherwise we
> could be like 'df' and use -h for base-2 units and -H for base-10 units,
> whereas now it's -H for base-2 units ... if anyone has any bright ideas
> for fixing this omission, please say so.

We've traditionally been careful about not using up the one-letter-option
space.  Are we sure that this merits *two* one-letter option?

> I'd though about adding a --base-10 flag, so '-H' is base-2 units and
> '-H --base-10' would use base-10 units. I do think that the default
> should be base-2, because users are probably more used to thinking that
> way. Well, at least programmers are, and they are, after all, the main
> users of version control.

I'm not a fan of having one flag modify another flag's meaning.  I'd prefer


(we needn't support other values (except perhaps --base=1 for the 1.11 behaviour))

I suppose we could then have --human-readable as "currently, an alias to
--base=10", with an option to extend it --- like 'diff --patch-compatible'.

> Ah, right: r1847422 fixes a silly bug in the number scaling, but more
> importantly it changes the number formatting to use the locale-specific
> decimal separator, to make it consistent with the locale-specific date
> abbreviation:

I'm just glad there's no such thing as locale-specific SI prefixes.
(What's a kilobyte in imperial?)

> $ env LC_ALL="it_IT.UTF-8" svn ls -vH
> 1847281 stsp                  Nov 23 16:04 ./
> 1716820 rhuijben         175B Nov 27  2015 .editorconfig
> 1659509 rhuijben         3,0K Feb 13  2015   <<<******!
>  915036 mf                94B Feb 22  2010 BUGS
> 1846422 julianfoad       347K Nov 12 15:26 CHANGES
> 1833511 julianfoad        14K Giu 14 16:40 COMMITTERS
> 1829224 astieger          55K Apr 15  2018 INSTALL
> 1801940 kotkov            22K Lug 14  2017 LICENSE
> 1845942 brane             42K Nov 06 18:37

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