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From Daniel Shahaf <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] A test for "Can't get entries" error
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2018 01:11:00 GMT
Daniel Shahaf wrote on Thu, 22 Nov 2018 00:51 +0000:
> While we're at this function, does anyone understand why directory[1] is
> accessed without checking whether directory[0] is not NUL?  There is
> a comment there, but it doesn't enlighten me.  (However, I haven't run
> 'blame' on that comment yet.)  Even if it's correct, is there any reason
> not to add an SVN_ERR_ASSERT(directory[0]) there?

Sorry, that's not quite the issue.  directory[0] is almost certainly '/', and
that's a fundamental enough aspect of canonical paths that we shouldn't
need to assert it everywhere; but I'm still not certain what
    /* root nodes are covered anyway */



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