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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: Update for SVN on Synology to 1.10
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2018 13:59:45 GMT
> I contacted Synology, and they replied with :-
> [...] the SVN application provided to us by the SVN developers is
> only on version 1.9.7, if you wish to have this updated to
> 1.10 you would need to contact the SVN developers/support team
> to request for them to provide an updated version to us as
> this is not something that we develop or manage as this is not
> our application.**"*.

Hello Keith.

You have reached the developers of the Subversion system software -- that is, the central
project that produces source code. However, installable packages of Subversion for various
devices and desktop operating systems are handled entirely by independent packagers, who may
not be closely in touch with the central project. We do not actively provide Subversion packages
to Synology, and I am not aware that they have been in touch with us (although I could have
missed it); rather, it is their responsibility to pull the publicly available source code,
or to ask us for help if they need any, when they wish to do so.

So I think their reply to you is mistaken.

- Julian

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