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From "C. Michael Pilato" <>
Subject The future of the Subversion book
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2018 19:39:24 GMT
Hello, all!

It's been a long while since I interacted with any degree of regularity 
with this community, and I've had to come to terms with some essential 

First, my time as an active Subversion developer has *definitely* 
passed.  Oh, I may get a chance to return to it at some point in the 
(likely distant) future, but without CollabNet commissioning my efforts 
here, I simply don't have the extra cycles these days to offer.  Given 
that my contributions over the last few years can be measured in the 
smallest of numbers, this isn't news to anyone here and certainly has no 
effect on the trajectory and velocity of the project!

Of greater concern to (at least) myself is that the cognitive distance I 
have from Subversion these days -- combined with the craziness of just 
life as an twice-employed[1], soccer-coaching, father of three -- means 
that the Subversion book is getting next-to-zero attention, too.  Oh, 
I'm still paying attention to the work our translators are doing, and 
wordsmithing here and there as concerns are raised.  But the 
(as-yet-unfinished) trunk of the book is still attached to Subversion 
1.8, which means that this community has pounded out all kinds of 
improvements whose documentation is mostly limited to release notes and 
email threads.  Put simply, the service that Ben and Fitz (both looooong 
gone from contributing to the book at all) and I formerly offered to the 
wider Subversion community has arguably now become a disservice.

I'm done telling myself that I can fix this by re-engaging and taking up 
authorship again.  That just isn't gonna happen.  It's time to pass the 
torch to someone else, and I would love to immediately begin tossing 
around some ideas toward this end.

To be clear, is happy to continue hosting the book's 
HTML/PDF builds.  The source lives at SourceForge these days, and I can 
grant commit permissions (or transfer ownership) as needed.  Moreover, 
there's no deadline for maintainership handoff that I'm trying to impose 
or anything.  I want to do what's best for the Subversion ecosystem, 
whatever this community determines that to be.

Feel free to consider alternate approaches, too, such as conversion of 
the book's content into a Wiki.  But I would caution against doing 
anything that discourages or complicates the workflow of the book's 
translators, especially since they are the only ones actually doing 
anything in the project at all!  :-)

So what do you think?

-- Mike

[1] Beyond my regular CollabNet work week, I give additional hours as a
     member of the staff of my local church.

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