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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Wiki migration -- redirect from old wiki
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2018 16:04:41 GMT
Johan Corveleyn wrote on 2018-04-22 in "Re: Wiki migration complete -- new wiki is now live":
> Nathan Hartman wrote:
>> While the old wiki remains online I think there should be a big yellow box informing
>> users that this is old and superseded by the new Confluence wiki.
> Yes. Actually we're planning to put redirects on the old pages to the
> corresponding pages on the new wiki (so old incoming links still
> work).

I have just updated the existing Subversion site nav menu and web pages to point to the new

Now, as a minimum we need to redirect from[#FRAGMENT]


Johan: what is the recipe/regex for converting PAGE[#FRAGMENT]? The PAGE part seems to be
unchanged, at least in simple cases.

How/where do we configure a redirect from the wiki.a.o subdomain? Ask infra?

I see we already have some redirects from subversion.a.o/... configured in site/publish/.htaccess;
I have just updated this one:

-  Redirect /wiki
+  Redirect /wiki

So far we're just talking about simple redirects. It would be a whole step better if we could
publish the new Wiki's pages as an overlay onto Subversion's own top-level URL namespace:<PAGE>

>From a site design or information design perspective that presents a much better joined-up
site, and changing the back-end from MoinMoin to Confluence or to/from plain HTML wouldn't
force us to change the URLs in our web pages and source code and docs. Also, much of our web-page
material would be easier to maintain using the wiki's editor than as raw HTML.

Any idea where to start with that?

- Julian

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