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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: Shelve & checkpoint - JavaHL bindings
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2018 10:14:30 GMT
(Re-adding CC: dev@)

Thomas Singer wrote on 2018-06-06:
> We would appreciate to add the shelving/checkpointing feature to 
> SmartSVN. From what I have understood it seems to be something like 
> Git's stash feature, correct?

I have recently been writing more about it in the Wiki. All you want to know should be written
and in the other linked pages.

> Does it always leave a clean working copy 
> or is it also possible to just make some kind of "backup" of the 
> location changes?

Both are possible.

> Does it work for binary files, too?

Shelving does support binary files now, in trunk. Shelving version 1 in Svn 1.10 does not
support binary files.

> Does it work for all/selected modified files
> or even for untracked/missing/added/removed/moved/copied files?

Currently (in trunk) it works for all/selected modified/added/removed/replaced files, with
their properties; not untracked/missing/moved/copied, and not directories.

I would like to make JavaHL bindings so you can start to use shelving. I will have a go and
let you know how it goes.

- Julian

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