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From Evgeny Kotkov <>
Subject Possible bug in the tree conflict resolver: "Accept incoming deletion" option doing nothing for a locally deleted file
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2018 15:16:00 GMT
Hi everyone,

I think that I might have stumbled across an issue with the new tree conflict
resolver in case of a delete-vs-delete conflict.  Below is a simple PowerShell-
based reproduction script that adds a file (r1), removes it (r2), updates to
the previous revision, removes the file in the working copy (svn rm), and
attempts an update to r2:

    rm test -Recurse -Force -ErrorAction Ignore
    mkdir test
    svnadmin create test/repo
    $url = 'file:///{0}/test/repo' -f (pwd) -replace '\\', '/'
    svn co $url test/wc
    echo content > test/wc/file.txt
    svn add test/wc/file.txt
    svn ci test/wc -m"r1"
    svn rm test/wc/file.txt
    svn ci test/wc -m"r2"
    svn up test/wc -r1
    svn rm test/wc/file.txt
    svn up test/wc
    svn st test/wc

In this case, the tree conflict resolver offers the "Accept incoming deletion"
option for file.txt, but choosing it does nothing, and leaves the tree conflict
unresolved, which I think is unexpected:

    > svn up

    Updating 'test\wc':
       C test\wc\file.txt
    At revision 2.
    Summary of conflicts:
      Tree conflicts: 1
    Searching tree conflict details for 'test\wc\file.txt' in repository:
    Checking r2... done
    Tree conflict on 'test\wc\file.txt':
    File updated from r1 to r2 was deleted by Evgeny.Kotkov in r2.
    A deleted file was found in the working copy.
    Select: (p) Postpone, (r) Mark as resolved, (a) Accept incoming deletion,
            (h) Help, (q) Quit resolution: a
    Summary of conflicts:
      Tree conflicts: 1

    > svn st

    !     C test\wc\file.txt
          >   local file delete, incoming file delete or move upon update
    Summary of conflicts:
      Tree conflicts: 1

Should I file an issue or add a regression test for this problem?

Evgeny Kotkov

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