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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: Subversion clients following HTTP 302 response codes.
Date Sun, 15 Apr 2018 17:41:52 GMT
On 15.04.2018 15:20, Paul Hammant wrote:
> The main conversation - PROPFIND, OPTIONS etc with a canonical
> centralized server, _but_ select GETs (among many) being redirected to
> other URLs.
> My testing didn't show that that was supported. As a good XPer, I
> should be able to conjure up a script to show that but I can't, so I
> mean manual testing for now.

That's true, redirects are followed only during RA session creation, so
that's during the initial handshake with the server. All requests within
the session then use the resolved URL and expect the repository not to
move elsewhere.

I'm still wondering what you're aiming for though. An obvious example
would be offloading resource content storage from the repository server
to some other storage. But if you want to do that, relying on redirects
is hardly a good option, since you'd be increasing the number of
requests and hence the latency. Transparent load balancing on the server
side is probably a much better solution.

Other than that consideration, I don't see any technical barrier to
supporting redirects within a live session ... the DAV/HTTPv2 experts
should chime in here.

-- Brane

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