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From Stefan <>
Subject Re: move certain svn props to top level path?
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2018 14:57:53 GMT
On 16/04/2018 09:15, Julian Foad wrote:
>>>>> Tags should not change.
>>>>> +1 for removing those properties from branches.
>>>> That part I agree with.
>>> I'm not going to make a case out of this, but please be aware the
>>> implications of keeping the incorrect/outdated props on the tags:
> I recognize that it's an inconvenience, yes, but note the same problem
> with tags exists in other forms -- e.g. there are hundreds of code
> comments pointing to the old issue tracker and mailing list URLs. The
> way I see it, we would not expect to modify tags to resolve those
> kinds of problem, just expect the reader to beware of such issues when
> working with old data, and so I feel we should apply that reasoning
> consistently even though it would be technically easy to modify the data. 

all redundant SVN props removed from all branches in r1829788

FTR: Personally I see quite a difference between modifying/correcting
project-wide SVN properties and modifying content/properties which one
would consider being an inherent (logical) part of a tag. But I
obviously this is not a non-controversial matter so I'm certainly fine
with leaving this for tags as they are, of course. :-)


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