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From Stefan <>
Subject New MaxSVN releases (incl. 1.8.19, 1.9.7, and 1.10.0)
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2018 10:43:14 GMT

I'm happy to announce the release of new MaxSVN versions today:
- 1.7.22-8
- 1.8.19-1
- 1.8.x-dev-19-r1825568-1
- 1.9.7-1
- 1.9.x-dev-7-r1828380-1
- 1.10.0-1
- trunk-dev-r1828384-1
(builds for previous releases of 1.10.0-rc1-1 and 1.10.0-rc2-1 are
available in the download archive as well)

These versions were built with an updated set of dependencies/build tools:
- CMake 3.11.0
- Expat 2.2.5
- NASM 2.13.03
- Python 2.7.14
- SCons 3.0.1
- OpenSSL 1.0.2o
- PCRE 8.42
- sqlite 3.23.0
- ZLib 1.2.11

More than 33 man hours were invested in these releases.

Highlights in these versions are:
- initial 1.10.0-based build

MaxSVN homepage:
MaxSVN bugtracker:

About MaxSVN
MaxSVN is a highly experimental distribution of Apache™ Subversion®
(SVN) for Windows.
MaxSVN is ***NOT*** meant/designed for production use. If you are
looking for an SVN distribution for daily use, please check out the
alternative SVN distributions for Windows. A partial list is provided

MaxSVN's main purpose is to be used for development of Subversion itself
and for providing a distribution which can be used to test
features/builds as early as possible.
The aim is to:
- provide a distribution which tests SVN against the latest build tools
and dependencies on Windows
- provide early access to versions of SVN while they are in development
- provide a distribution which can be used to debug/test issues yourself
(by shipping symbol files)


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