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From Stefan <>
Subject Re: move certain svn props to top level path?
Date Sun, 15 Apr 2018 19:01:44 GMT
On 05/04/2018 00:09, Stefan wrote:
> On 04/04/2018 23:47, Branko Čibej wrote:
>> On 04.04.2018 23:12, Stefan wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> atm we specify the following svn properties on trunk:
>>>   * bugtraq:url
>>>   * bugtraq:logregexp
>>>   * tsvn:logwidthmarker
>>>   * tsvn:projectlanguage
>>>   * webviewer:revision
>>>   * (possibly by the time you read this, I added webviewer:pathrevision)
>>> Since these properties are currently not set project wide but rather
>>> on each branch/tags we now have branches still pointing to the old
>>> bugtrag:url (f.e. the 1.9.x branch) and some branches not having
>>> certain properties at all (f.e.  the 1.7.x branch missing the
>>> webviewer:revision property).
>>> I'd therefore like to suggest that we specify these properties just
>>> once at the top level (i.e. on
>>> and remove them on the
>>> sub-nodes (i.e. trunk, branches/xxx, tags/xxx, etc.). This will ensure
>>> we have a consistent setting for these project wise.
>>> Thoughts?
>> I don't even know what these properties are, nor why they're set on our
>> trunk directory. Assuming they're used by some tools that I'm unaware of
>> (ok ... I can probably guess what the tsvn: ones are for), you can only
>> move them a level up if these tools treat them as inheritable properties.
>> -- Brane
> I'm not sure if there are other tools around using these. I'm talking
> here TSVN which utilizes all of these properties and yes, it's treating
> them as inheritable ones. There seem to be other tools using these as
> well [1/2], though I can't say for sure whether they are treating them
> as inheritable (though I'd strongly suspect so).
> [1]
> [2]
The properties were added to subversion root in r1829215-r1829221 and
dropped from trunk in r1829223.

I was actually about to remove the properties in a single commit from
all branches as well as from all tags but am unsure about whether this
would be acceptable especially for the branches (given the usual
STATUS-nomination workflow). Would anybody object to me removing the
redundant SVN props from all tags and branches in a single commit (with
the commit log message then only stating:
".: Removed redundant SVN properties"
(i.e. without explicitly listing all branches/tags which would be quite
a bunch of entries otherwise).


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