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From Troy Curtis Jr <>
Subject Review Request: svn.fs.FileDiff
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2018 16:10:51 GMT
In parallel to the other discussion on import order of svn.fs.FileDiff, I'd
like some comments on the attached patch.  Mostly, this is to address the
failing tests on Windows [0], since there isn't a 'diff' executable
necessarily available.  The attached patch uses the internal Subversion
diff implementation (which IMHO is actually better all around anyway),
unless the  'diffoptions' constructor argument is provided.  If diffoptions
are given, then the old behavior of shelling out to 'diff' is still used.

I'm asking for comments because the actual diff output given when
'diffoptions' is None, is changed.  Currently a no argument call to 'diff'
is used, which results in a 'normal' diff output.  Using
svn_diff_file_output_unified4(), as I have in the patch, results in a
unified diff output.  This output is more consistent with other subversion
diff output, but it *is* different than what svn.fs.FileDiff.get_pipe()
currently returns.

Another option would be to default diffoptions to [ '--normal' ], so that
it takes an explicit argument of 'None' or '[]' to get the new behavior,
which we could use in the test.



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