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From Julian Foad <>
Subject APR's check for installed libtool is inconsistent
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2018 17:39:32 GMT
(CC'ing Subversion as Subversion's build system both uses and kind-of 
duplicates this.)

APR's 'build/' says:
# Require libtool 1.4 or newer
libtool=`build/PrintPath glibtool1 glibtool libtool libtool15 libtool14`

and fails if it doesn't find a 'libtool' binary at version >= 1.4;

but 'buildconf' says:
build/ $verbose || exit 1

libtoolize=`build/PrintPath glibtoolize1 glibtoolize libtoolize15 
libtoolize14 libtoolize`

Different tool name, different order of checking for versions of it.

This difference caused a problem on my Ubuntu 16.04 system, where only 
the main 'libtool' package was installed which provides only a 
'libtoolize' binary, and the optional 'libtool-bin' package which adds a 
'libtool' binary was not installed. I was able to install the latter to 
work around this issue.

Looks like it should be changed to be consistent. What do you think?

- Julian

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