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From Troy Curtis Jr <>
Subject Re: swig-py3 branch review for trunk merge
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2018 04:30:41 GMT
On Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 11:47 PM Troy Curtis Jr <>

> I finally have the swig-py3 branch in a state that I believe is ready to
> be merged into trunk.  All the tests pass under python 2 and 3 now, and I
> successfully tested viewvc 1.1.26 against the python 2 bindings.  In order
> to have shared code for python 2 and 3, there were a fair number of
> substitutions of old ways of doing things, to ways that were more
> compatible with both python 2.7 and 3.  Where that wasn't possible,
> explicit feature or version detection was employed.  However, there was not
> really substantive changes, and should have no changes in the way the
> bindings actually work.
> The two biggest changes from Python 2 perspective:
> 1. Switching SWIG out of "classic" mode.  The means that all the generated
> classes are now "new-style" classes, and use properties for most attribute
> access.
> 2. Introduction of py3c compatibility library dependency.
> #1 should really only be an issue if a client subclassed one of the swig
> classes.  This doesn't seem likely to me, as the swig classes already do
> not look very inheritance friendly, but I would definitely expect some
> differences to subclasses in the old-style to new-style class migration.
> The biggest hole in my testing is Windows.  I am not a Windows developer,
> so hopefully someone that is could take a look.  I'm betting that there is
> at least something that needs to change in order to correctly locate and
> use the py3c library.
> So if you get a chance, take a look and let me know if you agree that it
> is ready to merge.
> Thanks,
> Troy

I'm now asking for swig-py3 merge to trunk review with fewer caveats.

Since this original request, I did revert back to classic classes for
Python 2 at brane's suggestion for better compatibility with existing
python usage.  I also incorporated several suggestions by danielsh and
brane.  The biggest update is addition of Windows support with the new py3c
dependency.  It was a very interesting learning experience playing at
Windows development, and took a great save-my-sanity hint by Nathan to
finally get it working.  I'm just glad it wasn't something I was measuring
SLOC productivity on!

I am able to build and test the python 2 bindings using both Visual Studio
2015 and 2008 (which was actually a bit challenging to find a download'd think it was a decade old or something!).  There is currently a
build failure with Python 3 (buried in some Py3 header) on Windows, but I
don't expect it to be a tremendous change, and not a blocker for a merge
since Python 3 on Windows isn't currently supported.  :)  (Though I am
already starting to look at it now).

So if you get a chance, take a look, and if all agree, I'll merge to trunk.


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