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From Troy Curtis Jr <>
Subject Re: Windows Compile Help
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2018 03:28:03 GMT
On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 5:49 AM Jan Ehrhardt <> wrote:

> Bert Huijben in gmane.comp.version-control.subversion.devel (Mon, 29 Jan
> 2018 14:43:15 +0100):
> >If you build ZLib with the Windows specific assembly optimizations you
> >introduce known issues. Please make sure that you run the Subversion
> >test that was designed to show you this problem.
> >
> >These assembly optimizations to zlib are a non-supported contributed
> >package to zlib and not supported by the zlib authors. And as such they
> >weren’t kept up to date over the last few releases.
> The code is still there, although the ZLib authors say it has been
> removed. Ref:
> Bad habit to leave unsupported code on github.
> --
> Jan
Thanks for the info guys! I built the asm since it was in the vc6-build.bat
file that
I was using as a guide.  I'll shortly be proposing an updated version of
the script
based on the my "adventures", after a bit of clean up, so I'll be sure to
leave that part out.


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