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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: Subversion 1.10 RC1?
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2017 20:53:02 GMT
> > Is that a regression versus v1.9 and before?
> Far from it.
> This discussion is about the new conflict resovler added in 1.10.
> We can and always could perform such merges by manually specifying
> the paths, i.e. running a merge from ^/trunk/B to branch/A.
> The goal of the resolver is to make it easier to perform such merges
> in the straightforward 'svn merge ^/trunk' style.

OK, so at the risk of representing *the department of unsolicited advice*,
I don't know why you would not ship with as 'off' but able to be toggled
'on' client-side with a new option
(or a better name). The 0.1% of users that want to play with it before it
is ready can do.

- Paul

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