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From "Bert Huijben" <>
Subject [PATCH] Hackathon project: Dumping viewspec
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2017 13:42:05 GMT

At the Aachen hackathon I promised to write some code to spit out the sparse
definition of a working copy, or in other words some initial dumb viewspec

Testing this on a test working copy with
$ svn switch --list \SharpSvn\trunk
I can now see output like
svn checkout
svn update -r 4004
svn switch ^/branches/1.800x/contrib@4004 /SharpSvn/trunk/contrib
svn update -r 0 /SharpSvn/trunk/LICENSE.txt
svn update -r 4004 /SharpSvn/trunk/src/SharpPlink --set-depth files
svn update -r 4004 /SharpSvn/trunk/src/SharpSvn --set-depth files
svn update --set-depth files /SharpSvn/trunk/src/SharpSvn/Commands
svn update --set-depth exclude /SharpSvn/trunk/

So this new command spits out the shell commands necessary to create a new
working copy with exactly the same layout and revisions as the existing
working copy.

This could be the starting point for an improved format, or for creating
scripts that transform this in something more useful, e.g. by filtering out
unnecessary details.

I put the current code in a patch file attached to this message to allow
discussing this feature before putting it on trunk.


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