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From Troy Curtis Jr <>
Subject Python3 Swig Bindings Branch (was Re: Python 3 Bindings Query)
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2017 03:52:09 GMT
Howdy guys,

I thought I'd point out my first (useful) commit to the
^/subversion/branches/swig-py3 branch, r1813665.  This adds the py3c
library to the build and replaces (hopefully all) the various functions
that are incompatible between 2 and 3 with the appropriate py3c provided
interfaces.  There may be a few missed, which will certainly turn up once I
enable the build for Python 3.

It touched a lot of functions a little, so the log was quite lengthy.
While the Python3 portions aren't all in place yet, it is completely usable
and I'd appreciate anyone taking a look at what has been done and giving a
bit of feedback.


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