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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: How to manage PR's (was: [GitHub] subversion pull request #6: VC should be 14.1 and not 15.0)
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2017 21:32:21 GMT
> Anybody knows why asfgit closed the PR?
> I've clicked on the above hyperlink, and saw some comments made by
> Julian (11 hours ago) and by the submitter (8 hours ago), but these
> comments are not visible on dev@. Shouldn't those be synced back here
> somehow? Or how should we handle PR's, preferably with a process
> that's still centered around the dev@ mailinglist?
> If we can't really handle PR's well, maybe we shouldn't allow them
> (i.e. indicate this on github somehow, that it's just a mirror and we
> won't accept PR's, but expect patch submissions on dev@ instead)?
If you ask people comfortable with donating code via PR to email patches
(or similar) to dev@ instead, you'll get a 1/100th contribution rate. Or

There's no easy answer.

Partially related - I'd previously whined about GitHub's lock-in for some
data and wrote - -
which probably needs refreshing since last using it.

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