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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: Shelving in TortoiseSVN
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2017 14:21:40 GMT
Julian Foad wrote:
> TortoiseSVN now has 'Shelve' and 'Unshelve' commands implemented, if you 
> build it from source using the 'shelve' branch. It uses the shelving 
> prototype API in Subversion's 'shelve' branch.
> The purpose at this stage is to get early feedback on the Shelving 
> feature from a wider range of users by presenting the shelving prototype 
> in a GUI.
> If you can try it, please do, and please reply with any thoughts it 
> brings to mind.
> The UI is very basic in the initial revision (r27987). 'Shelve' shows a 
> selection list of modified files, like commit and revert do, and asks 
> you to type a name. 'Unshelve' just asks you to type a name. Hopefully 
> we'll get some improvements in, even before we try presenting this 
> prototype to a wider range of users outside the dev-lists. For a start, 
> 'Unshelve' should show a list of previously shelved patches and allow 
> selecting one from the list, with the most recent one chosen by default.

That last bit -- select from a list of shelved patches -- is done in r27988.

- Julian

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