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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: Sparse checkouts suggestion
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2017 10:16:18 GMT
> 2. Previously I forked a medium-sized Monorepo on Github, and did the the
> complete expand/contract work for it -
> ant-fork/jooby-monorepo-experiment - in Python.
LOGIBALL's Tim Kr├╝ger has just written about a deployment of an
expanding/contracting monorepo for Git and Maven based on the above proof
of concept: (I'd helped him
with the article).

There's are two Git realities that have to be closely monitored for teams
wanting to do trunk-based development in a monorepo:

1) the clone-size has an upper limit (accounts differ as to where that is)
2) there's a push-pull bottleneck when the team starts to attempt to push
at the same time (Git makes you pull stuff you don't have before you push)

Subversion doesn't have to consider those year-on-year. It does of course
have merge snafus that Git doesn't have. Then again Git has merge snafus
that Svn doesn't have - at least for creative branch use, IMO.

- Paul

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