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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: Subversion 1.8.x on Solaris 10 x86
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2017 18:44:01 GMT
Ian Mordey <> writes:

> So I don't see any __sync symbols anywhere..

Yes, that is what is expected for an APR_ATOMICS_GENERIC build.

> Does this mean they're in another dependency somewhere?

There are several options, including:

  - the __sync symbols are in one of the dependencies, zlib, openssl,

  - the link is not picking up the APR library you just built but is
    picking up an APR installed somewhere else on the system and that
    APR refers to the __sync symbols.

  - the __sync symbols are in one of the Subversion libraries, but this
    is not supposed to happen.

Looking at your first email again it does appear that Subversion's
libsvn_subr might be the problem which is odd because Suversion is
supposed to use APR.  I think you are building sqlite3 as part of
Subversion, so there will be sqlite code in Subversion's libsvn_subr but
I only see __sync_syncronize in sqlite3.c.

You can run nm on the Subversion object files, e.g:

   nm subversion/libsvn_subr/*.o

You can run nm on the various libraries to identify which library has
the references to the __sync symbols:

  nm subversion/libsvn_subr/.libs/libsvn_subr-1.a
  nm /opt/WANdisco/lib/


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