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From Stefan <>
Subject Re: absence over the past few months
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2017 21:10:32 GMT
On 6/28/2017 10:06, Stefan Hett wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd just like to drop a quick note letting all know that despite my
> absence over the past weeks/months I'm all fine and still alive.
> I've had several very busy weeks the past months (and this is likely
> to continue for a few weeks to come) mainly due to some bigger thing
> in my private/professional life going on atm which I really needed to
> fully focus on all the available spare time. If I'd known that this is
> taken several months, I'd certainly would have dropped a note in
> advance, so it wouldn't appear as if I'd gone suddenly completely
> silent. But luckily there's some light at the end of the tunnel ahead,
> and I'll be fully back to the SVN project once all of the necessary
> things have been dealt with.
> For the planned next releases, I'll still continue to monitor the
> progress here (and on IRC) and will certainly test/sign the release
> for Windows once stsp rolled that out, despite the lack of time atm.
I'm slowly getting back now to my usual activity level on SVN. For those
who are interested: I've been working on an open source network engineas
the first product of my company. Don't want to advertise it here on the
list much, since it's off topic and I don't really like self-advertising
habits. Only so much: If you are interested in the details, they can be
found on my company's webpage at .

It'll certainly take me a few days to catch up with everything which had
been going on in the past weeks. The current plan is to catch up with
mails etc, release updated versions of MaxSVN (primarily for providing a
alpha-test-version for Windows platforms for SVN 1.10) and then get back
to the different tasks I left behind on the SVN project.

That said, I'm really happy to be able to get back to normal activity
levels on SVN now. :-)


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