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From Stefan Kueng <>
Subject Re: translations (buildbot to update translatable strings)
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2017 18:05:43 GMT

On 13.03.2017 11:52, Julian Foad wrote:
> Stefan K, trying to help push this forward...
> We have consensus to do something about automatically providing updates
> to translatable strings. We need some help to fill in the details and
> actually do it.
> From my perspective, it looks like we should:
> * Instantiate a bot (buildbot) that will...
>   - do we have a volunteer?
>   * Check out the trunk (and any configured branches).
>   * Run 'make po-update'.
>   * (?) Upload the updated 'subversion.pot' and/or '*.po' files
>     to services including Pootle and Transifex.
>     - how exactly should it upload to Pootle?
>     - how exactly should it upload to Transifex?

I don't know about pootle, but Transifex fetches the files itself from a 
specified url or urls.
In TSVN, we have the pot file in the repository, and Transifex just 
fetches it from there. Not sure about the interval it fetches the files, 
but it is fine for TSVN.

>   * (?) Commit the updated 'subversion.pot' and/or '*.po' files.
>     - which files? when (see below)?

Transifex provides a script which can be run to update the translated po 
files from their servers and apply the changes to the local files.
In TSVN we have the translated po files also in the repository so the 
build script (which also builds the installers for the different 
languages) has everything ready.

> * Activate a account for Subversion.
>   - how? can you do it?

I suggest that more than just one svn dev signs up there - just one is 
dangerous in case of a bus-factor situation.

> Re committing: I think we should rate-limit these commits to once per
> day, and should not commit when there are no real changes to the
> translatable strings but only changes in the source line number
> reference comments.

Again, talking about TSVN: we run the transifex script to fetch the 
translated po files once a week. For us that's enough.

> An alternative to committing would be to upload these files to some
> place where translators can fetch them. Somewhere on and/or
> if the Pootle and/or Transifex services make these files easily
> available then that's fine, we can point at those, no need to commit.
>   - Do they? What are the URLs?

Transifex allows to download and upload the po files easily. For TSVN 
German, the urls are:
for the whole po file ready for translation, and there are even urls to 
download a po file with only the translated strings in them.


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