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From "Luke Perkins" <>
Subject SVN Build Bot Farm
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2017 14:54:57 GMT
Team Members,


I am an active user and SVN administrator for three systems in both personal
and professional realms. I have not been part of the SVN developers or user
mailing lists until recently, mainly because the SVN system works so well I
have not seen a need to get involved. I repent.


My personal interest is Low Power Intel Celeron systems running Ubuntu. I
have one of these systems available running 16.10 SVN testing. NOTE: I have
found an Ubuntu bug with 16.04 LTS.


If someone can provide me a setup instructions, I can make this system
available for testing.


The resources I have available:


1.	Two business class HSI routers with bandwidth to spare. These
firewalls have DynDNS URLs that I can make available to the appropriate
2.	1 Intel NUC Ubuntu 16.10 server.


Also, if someone can provide me a system need, I could build a dedicated
system and leave it on one of my two networks. This machine would be
dedicated to SVN testing and verification.


NOTE: I live in California with very expensive electricity. I locate high
power servers at an undisclosed remote location where electricity is much




Luke Perkins

Cell: (USA) 719-339-0987


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