On 4/26/2016 10:41 AM, Branko ─îibej wrote:
On 26.04.2016 10:09, Johan Corveleyn wrote:
On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 9:11 AM, Branko ─îibej <brane@apache.org> wrote:
On 26.04.2016 03:48, Stefan wrote:
On 4/21/2016 18:43, Evgeny Kotkov wrote:
The 1.8.16 release artifacts are now available for testing/signing.
Please get the tarballs from
and add your signatures there.  I plan to try and release on April 28th
so please try and get your votes/signatures in place by April 27th.


Verified integrity and file content against 1.8.16-tag in the SVN
Did you also build the sources and run the tests? It's sort of expected.
I think it's fine as long as Stefan states explicitly what he has
verified (which he has). It's an additional assurance from someone
that says "I state that the tarball corresponds to the tag and the
branch". It doesn't count for a +1 vote for our "3 votes per platform"
rule, but that's fine
Yup, and this is why I asked. :) It may not be a binding vote but it's
useful to know about any passing tests on Windows, IMO.
As Johan confirmed, I only verified the integrity of the zip archives this time.
Since I wasn't too sure whether that's useful, I asked on IRC before and Daniel stated that as long as it's explicitly stated, it's ok (and to a certain degree useful :) ).

Just wasn't able to get the testing process done in time for these versions, since I was lacking the time here to finish that by tomorrow (already spent all the time I could invest to set up the PGP keys and read through all the related documentation - not only Apache but also GnuPG/GPG4Win).
That said, since all of that is done now, I'm aiming to have a full Windows test setup-up up and running for the next version.

Stefan Hett