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From Fabien <>
Subject Re: configurable pre-commit script
Date Sun, 13 Dec 2015 11:42:26 GMT

>>> This leaves the tools/ directory, but this can only contain APLv2 licenced
>>> code. If you're willing to relience from GPLv3 to APLv2, I see no problem
>>> adding your script somewhere under the tools/hook-scripts/ directory.
>> I'm fine with changing the license to Apache. I'll do that & commit in 
>> a few days if no one complains in between.
> Great, thank you!
> Perhaps you should choose a name for the subdirectory of your hook
> script in advance and mention it here. Just in case somebody ends
> up objecting the whatever name you choose.

Hmmm... It is just one standalone file which include script & config & 
doc, I would put it directly as "tools/hook-scripts/"... 
or something else if a better idea is suggested.


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