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From Roberto Reale <>
Subject [PATCH] improved behaviour of tools/backup/
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2015 15:44:34 GMT
Hi everybody,

enclosed is a puny patch I wrote against the script

When creating a backup archive of a live repository, the "legacy"
behaviour of the script is simply to call tar.add() on a hotdump copy.
This has, however, an inconvenience when the original repository is on
a POSIX filesystem and the hotcopy dump is written e.g. on a CIFS
filesystem, thus leading to a possible "permission leakage".

My patch changes this behaviour by letting the script build up the
archive file by file, and paying special care in copying the
permissions for each file from the repository itself rather than from
the hotcopy dump.

Do you think it would be useful?


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