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From Mark Phippard <>
Subject Re: ASF JIRA migration: Update our Tigris and Apache web sites
Date Sat, 03 Oct 2015 00:05:12 GMT
Sorry I kept forgetting to reply to this thread today. Sure I can unlock the project. However
Stefan pointed out that everybody gets spammed when I do it, so it would probably be best
that we get all the changes ready that we think we want to make then I can unlock it and we
can commit them and lock it again.


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On Oct 2, 2015, at 11:27 AM, Julian Foad <> wrote:

>> I (Julian Foad) wrote:
>>> I've updated the ASF web site:
> The attached patch updates the 'issue-tracker.html' page on Tigris.
> However, my commit attempt fails although I have a login and password,
> presumably because the project is locked. Mark, can we temporarily
> unlock it and (you or I) commit this?
> Patch log message:
> [[[
> Update references to the issue tracker on our web site to point to JIRA on
> ASF, following the recent migration from Issuezilla on Tigris.
> * www/issue-tracker.html
>  Update to point to the new JIRA issue tracker. Add the new priority
>  keywords against the old priority numbers. Remove obsolete
>  information about requesting 'Observer' role, filing 'Patch' issues,
>  and putting Effort estimates in the Status Whiteboard.
> ]]]
> Ivan Zhakov wrote:
>> I think it would be nice to merge updated content on
>> to
>> reportoing-issues.html page.
> Yes, that would be nice, if anybody wants to do it.
>>> I already noticed my HTML foo is weak: when submitting a query with
>>> the second "submit" button on
>>>, as well as correctly
>>> opening the query result page (ino a new window/tab), the query string
>>> gets put as a query argument on the *current* page's URL.
>>> Anyone want to help fix up that HTML?
>> Do we really need this forms on reporting-issues.html page?
> We don't really need these forms, but presumably somebody once thought
> it was useful to add them. I don't mind if somebody removes them.
> - Julian
> <update-tigris-to-point-to-jira-1.patch>

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