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I'm working on a hobby application & I'd to use WebDAV.


I've read Lisa Dusseault's WebDAV book and this pointed me in the direction of Neon, which in turn pointed me in the direction of SVN which pointed me to Serf.


I'd like to be able to use a fully-featured WebDAV client side and possibly server side library.


Neon was my initial choice, but since my app uses Apache/MIT licensed libraries, I was concerned that the LGPL license of Neon would rule that out, but then I noticed that SVN was using an Apache License but was using Neon, although use of Neon was then depreciated in favour of Serf.


Some questions:


How was SVN able to use the Neon library without running into license issues?

Well, SVN is distributed as a source distribution and doesn't include the Neon dependency. Therefore in case of SVN it's nothing which would violate the LPGL.
When it comes to using Neon in your own app you just have to comply with the LPGL license (for instance you'll have to provide means for others to use ur app with a different/customized version of Neon - see the license for details).
Under which license you distribute ur app is then a separate question. You just have to make sure you comply to all the licenses 3rd party software you are using in ur app is licensed with.

The other part of ur question I guess is better answered by s/o else.

I responded to John's message over on dev@serf.apache.org, as he'd sent a similar query to the serf devs.