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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Whiteboard -- topics list on the white board
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2015 12:27:57 GMT
It's the last day of the hackathon. The following ideas are written on
the white board (so far).

This is just a scratch pad where we noted some ideas, some
individually and some collectively. Not everything we discussed is
listed; and we didn't discuss all of these. These brief notes are not
meant to be self-explanatory, but just a reminder.

  *X* = "important fix"
  x = "potentially more-or-less bite-sized task"

move tracking  *X*
conflict resolving  *X*
log --search -> case-insensitive (-> utf8proc case folding)  x
server-side log --search
server-side search
  - file names (svn list ...)  x
(  - file content )
svnadmin load --normalize-revprops  *X*
  - normalize svn:* props
(  - normalize mergeinfo )
svnadmin load --no-flush-to-disk  x
svn ls --recursive performance  x
( partial commit (one hunk out of many) (-> TortoiseSVN?) )
stash / snapshot / shelving  x?
( checkpointing / offline commits )
remote pristines  x?
( compressed pristines )
binary patches (what about binary props?)  x

svnadmin dump --exclude/--include (-> like svnsync + authz)  x
  -> unreachable copies as adds
dump[filter]: exclude future copies  x?
diff+patch w/ tree changes  x?
diff -c<REV> across a copy  x
repository upgrade to FSFS f7:  *X*
  - document ideal procedure for full dump/load with minimal down-time
  - implement helper tools
  - reuse/share model amongst connections = cache + lookup
  - glob support ("wildcards")
  - type-based (file/dir)
  - traversal rights
  - creation/deletion rights

  - streamy log API
  - node API
  - enhance support for serf's path@lastChange pattern
  - effect:
  - eliminates DAG cache
  - eliminates fs_id_t from latest API
  - log in const memory
kill "no-op changes" (above ~repos layer)

[Not written on the whiteboard, but also discussed:]

migrating the issue tracker (Issuezilla@Tigris to Jira@ASF)

- Julian

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