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From Stefan Hett <>
Subject Re: Migrating Subversion issues to ...
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2015 09:32:38 GMT
>> Speaking about Ivan's suggested monospace-renderer-plugin and the concern
>> that it might break with a future version of JIRA: My experience with JIRA
>> (which dates back to around 2005 I guess) is that Atlassian is quite
>> reluctant with introducing changes which break plugins. So it's quite rare
>> that that a plugin which works in 6.0 breaks during the 6.x releases. Things
>> are slightly different when the major version numbers change, but then this
>> only happens every 2 years or so. Hence the maintenance work for such a
>> plugin should be considered quite low in the general case.
>> On the other side Atlassian requires plugin developers to maintain and test
>> their plugins on a regular basis (so they are still ensured to be compatible
>> with later versions).
>> If that's some concern and there is some help wanted/needed, I'd be willing
>> to offer Ivan a hand with the maintenance work on his plugin (if that would
>> help). As a test environment I'd provide my own JIRA instance, so that would
>> not add much workload to me.
> Thanks for offering help, but I already have test JIRA instance at my
> office that I used for Serf project issues migration.
> Btw do you have any experience in writing JIRA plugins? Writing
> monospaced (preformated) text render would be big help.
Unfortunately not at all, otherwise I would have offered to do so.
While I do have some decent knowledge of Java due to my studies, I 
haven't been coding in Java for several years now and don't even have a 
development environment set-up for that.

Stefan Hett

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