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From Stefan <>
Subject Re: Announcing MaxSVN
Date Sun, 13 Sep 2015 21:52:29 GMT
Hi Ivan,
> On 7 September 2015 at 18:47, Stefan <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm pleased to announce the availability of a new distribution of SVN
>> called: "MaxSVN".
>> In contrast to other SVN distributions this one is a bit different since it
>> aims towards being used primarily to support SVN development rather than
>> being used in production environments.
>> Its primary purpose is to test and identify issues of SVN against the latest
>> build tools and dependencies on Windows.
>> It can however also be useful in other situations like if you wanna check
>> whether a current development branch solved a particular issue or to check
>> out the new features in an upcoming SVN release before it becomes available
>> as part of a final release.
>> Please note once more that I strongly suggest against using MaxSVN in your
>> daily productive use. Please stick with one of the already available Windows
>> distributions. A list of these can be found on the MaxSVN webpage:
>> Also understand that MaxSVN is a product distributed, maintained and created
>> by myself and is not directly associated with the Apache Subversion project.
>> The latest current available builds are:
>> - (current latest 1.7 released version)
>> - (current latest 1.8 released version)
>> - (current 1.8 preview version)
>> - (current latest 1.9 released version)
>> - (current 1.9 preview version)
>> - (current 1.10 preview version)
>> Feel free to send any feedback directly to me by mail or use the bugtracker
>> at to add bugreports/feature
>> requests.
> May I suggest to rename branch and trunk builds version to something
> like 1.9.x-dev-rXXXX and 1.10.x-dev-rXXX? Never replace 'x' with the
> current version patch version. I.e. '1.9.x-dev-r1701757'.
> Because versions like may confuse users. It's very hard to
> find difference between and to distinguish official
> releases from development builds.
> Thanks!
I agree with u that the version numbering is not too clear and I also 
tend to agree that adding the revision number to the version number 
makes sense given the target audience of MaxSVN.

If I understand u right, then u are suggesting not to use SVN's patch 
version in MaxSVN version numbering scheme. I thought having that 
directly in the version number available would actually benefit users, 
because they would directly see which SVN version a MaxSVN version is 
based on.

I also think that Bert's suggestion to use the "dev" marker for versions 
which are based on a not-yet released build is quite good and drop that 
marker once a build is based on a released version.

What's ur opinion on using the following scheme instead:
1.9.x-y-rxxx-dev for versions not yet released
1.9.x-y-rxxx for versions based on SVN versions which are already released

x is the current minor version of the SVN version
y is a running number for MaxSVN builds
rxxx is the SVN revision a build is based on

So in case of the current 1.9 MaxSVN releases this is how with the other 
scheme things would look like: -> 1.9.0-1-r1692833 -> 1.9.1-1-r1694136-dev -> 1.9.1-2-r1698174 -> 1.9.2-1-r1701493-dev


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