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From Stefan Fuhrmann <>
Subject Issue #4588, part 3: Build issues on CentOS
Date Sun, 23 Aug 2015 21:27:31 GMT
The latest relevant section taken from that issue:

Secondly, I would like to install Subversion 1.9 to try it out, but I'm running
> CentOS 6.4 and I just can't get Subversion 1.9 to build. As I mentioned below, I
> have to download the latest Serf version, which doesn't come with CentOS 6.4.
> And building serf doesn't work. I try just "scons", but then "scons check" fails
> with things like "test/test_buckets.c:1559: warning: integer overflow in
> expression". Plus scons wants "APR", "APU", "OPENSSL", and "PREFIX" parameters
> (according to the README.TXT). I'm sure my APR path isn't correct---on this
> server I used the Apache from yum and don't know where my APR libraries are. I
> don't even know what APU is. So it seems highly unlikely for me to get HTTP(S)
> support on Subversion 1.9. The Subversion build process is and has always been
> an utterly brittle mess. See Bug 4589 <>,
which indicates my frustration.
Is there anything we can reasonably do about it?

-- Stefan^2.

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