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From <>
Subject RE: JavaHL, 1.9: "Bad file descriptor", "Stream doesn't support thiscapability" errors
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2015 07:28:24 GMT
Hi Thomas,

The Subversion version of the fix is nominated for 1.9.1
+ * r1696222, r1696225
+   Implement polling on named pipes on Windows to resolve svn+ssh:// problems
+   Justification:
+     Without this patch operations like checkout just fail with an error.
+     This is a regression as older Subversion releases ignored the error.
+   Votes:

Apr just returns EBADF on any attempt to poll on a file or pipe on Windows. This workaround
on the Subversion side makes us support polling on pipes. (In Subversion < 1.8 we always
assumed that there was no data waiting, because we never bothered to check for an error)

The apr version of the patch is harder than I expected, because the poll function supports
many flags of which we can really only implement one new variant, that can’t really be combined
with any other flags.

We need one more vote on this, before we can start the release process on 1.9.1.

I would hope we can also get r1696695 in the release, as that problem appears to break Subversion
for at least some Linux distributions.

We might want to consider also fixing the polling in 1.8 (and 1.7?), as that would allow exiting
much earlier when a commit fails. Currently Subversion (when using svn+ssh:// on Windows)
just goes on trying to commit on Windows and only notices that svnserve returned an error
when done.


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From: Thomas Singer
Sent: donderdag 20 augustus 2015 08:23
Subject: Re: JavaHL, 1.9: "Bad file descriptor", "Stream doesn't support thiscapability" errors

Hi Bert,

> I'll see if I can properly fix this (preferably in both Subversion and Apr), without
reverting to just ignoring errors.

Did you have any success fixing it yet? Is there already a bug entered 
in the issue tracker? I'd rate it as blocker priority.

Best regards,
Thomas Singer
syntevo GmbH

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