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From Stefan <>
Subject Re: script isn't updated for 1.8/1.9
Date Wed, 19 Aug 2015 20:34:19 GMT
> Stefan <> writes:
>> 2. add some documentation to the script to point out it's an
>> experiment and can be used as a starting point, if someone needs the
>> functionality and cannot use a different approach
> When run the only thing the script does is print:
>    Exception: This script is unfinished and not ready to be used on live data.
>        Trust us.
> I don't really see how we could make it clearer.
Oops. That part I overlooked. Yes this certainly reduces the issue I 
initially saw here and therefore I guess unless s/o supports solution 1 
or 3, nothing would be worth to add for no 2.

In the light of this script surviving the release of 1.10 I'd though 
suggest to add the known issue as a comment to the top of the file:

# Note: This script has a hardcoded check for a 1.7 WC format. It won't work
# with 1.8+ WCs.
# As stated in the  exception it's unfinished and not ready for use.


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