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From Stefan <>
Subject upcoming MaxSVN Subversion distribution (for review)
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2015 00:02:00 GMT

as mentioned on IRC already a few weeks ago, I'm about to release a 
Windows distribution of Subversion named 'MaxSVN'.
I'm looking here for feedback/concerns/requests/requirements from any of 
the Subversion developers for publishing this distribution. Especially 
with regards (but not limited) to the readme-file contained in the 
distribution and the introduction of the product on the webpage. Please 
note that none of your concerns/requests need to be seconded by any 
legal statement. Just name whatever you think should be 
added/removed/changed and I'll make sure it gets done.

I've put together a sample package of the distribution here: (Win 64-bit 
binaries of the current trunk) 
(corresponding symbol files) (the readme.txt-file as it 
is contained in

Also the product overview page is set-up with the current draft for your 

A word on MaxSVN:
It's purpose and aim is significantly different from usual distributions 
out there and while originally it was just done for my own purposes (as 
a sideeffect of building the svn-mergeinfo-normalizer tool), I hope that 
the distribution will end-up being useful for the Subversion project as 
well as for others out there.

That said, the main purpose of the distribution is:
- to provide others (mainly developers and early adopter enthusiasts) 
with the ready to use subversion command line tools
- use the distribution as a test-ground to test Subversion with the 
latest build tools and dependencies
- debugable versions (by providing symbol files alongside the releases)

It's important to understand that this distribution is not aiming for 
productive use.

The features of the distribution will be:
- using the latest dependencies
- built with the latest build tools
- based on the latest development branches before these are being put 
together in a real release

The main gain for the Subversion project I see lies in the automated 
build process which will test the latest development sources against the 
latest dependencies/build tools so that issues are being identified as 
soon as possible and won't make it (unnoticed) into real product releases.

Thanks for your time.


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