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From Stefan <>
Subject New 1.7 release due to VS 2015 build issue
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2015 02:40:40 GMT

I'm wondering whether it would be reasonable to release another 1.7-build.

1.7.21 added support to build 1.7 using Visual Studio 2015. However 
there seemed to have been an oversight with neon, which misses the 
platformtoolset-setting in the project file  (see: [PATCH] Fix SVN 1.7 
build issues with VS >2010).

This leads to a linker issue, when u try to build SVN 1.7 out of the box 
using VS >= 2013.

In the light of 1.7 no longer being supported it still might be a good 
idea to release a final 1.7 build so at least the stated VS 2015 is not 
broken forever for 1.7.

If it's going to be released, then I'd also propose to apply the 
correctness-patch (see: [PATCH] correct ToolsVersion in VS project 
files) which also corrects the ToolsVersion-parameter for VS >= 2013.


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