On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 12:03 PM, Stefan Hett <stefan@egosoft.com> wrote:
Hi Stefan^2,

I've just tried to rerun the latest svn-mergeinfo-normalizer.

Running the command "svn-mergeinfo-normalizer normalize" the application crashes in local_lookup() in missing-branches.c in line 95 due to lookup being null:
if (apr_hash_get(lookup->existing, branch, len))

let me know if u need any further details (crash log file and dump/pdb/exe available).
     svn-mergeinfo-normalizer.exe!local_lookup(const svn_min__branch_lookup_t * lookup, const char * branch)  Line 95 + 0xc bytes    C
     svn-mergeinfo-normalizer.exe!remove_lines(svn_min__log_t * log, svn_min__branch_lookup_t * lookup, const char * relpath, apr_hash_t * parent_mergeinfo, apr_hash_t * subtree_mergeinfo, svn_min__opt_state_t * opt_state, apr_pool_t * scratch_pool)  Line 307 + 0xe bytes    C
     svn-mergeinfo-normalizer.exe!normalize(apr_array_header_t * wc_mergeinfo, svn_min__log_t * log, svn_min__branch_lookup_t * lookup, svn_min__opt_state_t * opt_state, apr_pool_t * scratch_pool)  Line 677 + 0x18 bytes    C
     svn-mergeinfo-normalizer.exe!svn_min__normalize(apr_getopt_t * os, void * baton, apr_pool_t * pool)  Line 49 + 0x337 bytes    C
libsvn_subr-1.dll!svn_opt_push_implicit_dot_target(apr_array_header_t * targets, apr_pool_t * pool)  Line 703 + 0x7 bytes    C

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the report! Whenever you didn't specify
'--remove-obsoletes', it application would likely crash.
Fixed in r1691520.

-- Stefan^2.
Hi Stefan^2,

I just confirmed the latest code fixes the crash. Thanks for the quick help.