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From Stefan Hett <>
Subject [PATCH] Drop BDB-warning in get-win, if not explicitly building with BDB-support
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2015 10:33:32 GMT

Drop BDB warnings in gen-make, if building without BDB-support.

* build/generator/
   (__init__): Remove BDB-warning, if optional 'db' library not found in

* build/generator/
   (parse_options): initialize self.bdb_path to None (instead of 
   (_find_bdb): introduce local variable to determine bdb_path taking 
either a
                specified path (via --with-berkeley-db) or attempting the
                default path ('db4-win32')
                Only issue the warning, if failing to locate the BDB 
path AND
                the user having explicitly specified the bdb-path.

Reasoning: BDB support is deprecated and it feels kinda wrong to state 
that a deprecated/optional dependency is missing/skipped, when building 
I kept the old detection behavior (defaulting to db4-win32) however, so 
if a user put the bdb-sources in the default path it would find and use 
them like with the previous versions (not sure whether u want that 
changed or not given the fact that BDB is deprecated).


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