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From Stefan Hett <>
Subject svn-mergeinfo-normalizer ideas
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2015 15:10:26 GMT

I'm dealing with one remaining case svn-mergeinfo-normalizer normalize 
doesn't seem to be able to handle yet. Would it be possible to add 
support for this?

Case: Eliminate incorrect mergeinfos of pre-branch-revisions.

Looking at the following output:
Trying to elide mergeinfo from path
     into mergeinfo at path

     All branches still exist in HEAD.

     Try to elide remaining branches:
     CANNOT elide branch /XRebirth/trunk/src/SDKs/bullet
         revisions not movable to parent: 173817,174057,180942,181150

     Branches not mentioned in parent:

     Sub-tree merge info cannot be elided due to the following branches:

here you see that the revisions 173817,174057,180942,181150 are reported 
to not be movable to the parent.

The thing here is that all of these revisions are effectively 
referencing themselves and therefore should be removable in principle.

The WC is a check-out of

The proj1v1 branch was created in revision 184223 from trunk - aka from:

so all the revisions (173817,174057,180942,181150) are referring to the 
same thing which is implicitly included in the branch (due to its 
creation from trunk at r184223). So these should simply be eliminated, no?


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