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From Bruce Bye <>
Subject Subversion configure script broken for serf if sysroot path contains "-D"
Date Fri, 15 May 2015 11:38:02 GMT

If you attempt to cross-compile subversion with a sysroot path containing "-D", blame.c will
fail to compile, failing to find serf.h.

The root cause is this line in serf.m4:
          SVN_SERF_INCLUDES=[`$PKG_CONFIG $serf_major --cflags | $SED -e 's/-D[^ ]*//g'`]

I assume the intention is simply to strip any pre-compile defines from the cflags returned
by pkg-config, but the regex is too aggressive.

This was observed in subversion 1.8.9, doing a Yocto build on Linux, but a code inspection
of 1.8.13 suggests the issue is still there and it doesn't look especially platform sensitive.

Repro steps:
Set-up a Yocto environment in a path such as '/home/user/Dev-Demo'. Then run "bitbake subversion-native".


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